Benefits Of Drinking Water from Earthen Pot

Drinking water from Earthen Pot is a good choice for your health. It's made from springs where Mother Nature provides pure, drinkable water.

Benefits Of Drinking Water from Earthen Pot
Benefits Of Drinking Water from Earthen Pot
Benefits Of Drinking Water from Earthen Pot

1. Natural cooling properties 

Storing water in an earthen pot aids the natural cooling of water. The earthen pot has tiny pores on the surface when water reaches tiny pores water evaporates quickly through pores. When water evaporates the heat of the water inside the pot is lost, which lowers the temperature of the water. 

2. Alkaline in nature 

Most of what we eat becomes acidic in the body which creates toxins. Clay is alkaline in nature which interacts with acidic foods and provides an adequate pH balance. Thereby keeping the acidity and gastric-related problem at bay.

3. Boosts metabolism

Water stored in a clay pot is free of any kinds of chemicals. Earthern pot has lots of minerals which keep getting dissolved in water slowly which can help in improving our digestion. Thus it can boost our metabolism.

4.  Prevents sunstroke

Sunstroke is a common problem during the scorching summer months. Drinking clay pot water helps in combating sunstroke as the clay pot keeps the rich minerals and nutrients intact in water and helps rehydrate quickly.

5. Gentle on the throat

Drinking cold water from the refrigerator can cause itching and soreness in the throat which can lead to cold and cough. However, clay pot water has an ideal temperature that is gentle on the throat and does not aggravate one’s old or cough. 

6. Natural Purifier

Clay pots are not just useful to cool the water but also to purify water naturally. The porous micro-texture blocks contaminants in the water and makes it relatively safe to drink.

 7. Environment Friendly 

Earthern pots are environment friendly as compared to drinking water in plastics as we all know that plastic does not decompose and causes more pollution. In contrast, earthen pots are created from mud and when these earthen pots break or we want to replace them then they are easily recycled by breaking them and again mixing those particles in the 7-8 types of clay, and again a new clay pot can be created out of it.

8. Cheaper than plastic bottles

Clay pots can be used for many years if they are cleaned and maintained properly from time to time.  When handled in the right manner these pots are quite durable. When compared, they prove to be cheaper than plastic bottles in the long run as the color of plastic bottles fades away, and at one point of time plastic bottles start melting so 

How to use a clay pot for drinking purposes?

When you purchase a clay pot first thing to do is clean it and then fill the pot with water and rest it for 4-5 hours or more and then drain the water now you can fill the pot with water and leave it for at least 4 hours after 4 hours you can take the water for drinking because in 4 hours water will take all the properties of clay which will be beneficial to use. 

When to avoid using clay pots?

During the rainy season, you should avoid using clay pots because clay pots are more prone to deposits which are white crystals and even your earthen pot may get damaged due to fungus because in summers there is a lot of heat evaporation process is fast as compared to rainy and winter season. That's why we should avoid using clay pots during those seasons. The ideal time for using a clay pot is during the summers

So, get your own earthen pot today and derive the many health benefits from storing and drinking water from it.