Benefits of drinking Copper Water

Benefits of drinking Copper Water

Benefits of Drinking Copper Water

Copper is essential mineral required for proper functioning of human body, it can not be produced in our body so it is essential to include copper from external sources. Copper is third most essential mineral  required in our human body and is carried by blood plasma protein, ceruloplasim. So let us have a look at how intake of copper is helpful for our human body. Below we have listed few benefits however there are numerous benefits of copper for our human body.

1. Boosts Immunity

Our body needs some amount of minerals in certain quantity, Copper is one such mineral. Role of Copper is to inreases the formation of white blood cells, which are necessary to counter any disease causing bacteria. If there is shortage of Copper mineral in our body there will be less white blood cells which is a disease known as neutropenia. Less white blood cells indicate weak immune system, weak immune system results in body is not able to fight with the bacteria and body gets more prone to catch disease. So it is necessary to include copper in diet and drinking water from copper utensil is one such way to include copper. How to make Copper Water is described at end of the article.

2.  Has Anti- ageging Properties

Presence of copper in body interacts with anti-oxidants superoxide dismutase to protect skin cells against free radicals. Presence of free radicals in the body causes age spots, cancer, susceptibility and many other problems, intake of copper reduces free radicals and prevents from various skin problems and proper amount of copper in the body can make you look younger. 

3.  Fights Infections

Copper is natural antibiotic for human body it kills many bacteria in the human body like E.Coli, Cholera Bacillus ,etc. as well it kills other bacteria present in the water.

Daily Copper intake is 900 micrograms per day . Intake of more than 900 mcg can cause serious health issues.

4. Balance Body Energy

Copper water balances three dosh in our body i.e Vata, Pitta, Kapha imbalance of these dosh can result in various diseases. Copper water is natural antioxidant and balances the pH level of body.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Health

In studies it is found that deficiency of copper can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Copper reacts with protein which produces some enzymes which help in production of cross links in collagen and elastin, which help repair and preserve heart and arteries connective tissues.

Copper deficiency can result in high cholestrol, oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, glucose intolerance and there can be many more things.

In order to overcome these deficiency we must include copper in our diet for improved heart function. 

6.  Improves Bone Density

Deficiency of copper in body can result in risk of osteroporosis, a condition in which bones become weak and prone to fractures. Drinking copper water will help restore damaged connective tissues or collagen which will improve bone density and heal you live a healthier life.

7.  Promotes Brain Health

Deficiency of copper can lead to  improper brain functioning . Copper is necessary for healthy development of the central nervous system .

8. Improves Digestion

Copper water contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in destruction of dangerous bacteria and reduces inflammation in stomach and gut lining which makes copper a powerfull treatment for ulcers, indigestion and infections in human body.

9. Reduces Weight

The body's extra fat stores can be broken down by copper intake, which aids in weight loss. Copper keeps the body in a fat-burning state even when person is sleeping, but this does not mean that too much copper would increase fat loss because it has the potential to harm the body.

10. Prevents Anemia

Copper intake helps body to absorb iron, which aids in the digestion of food to produce haemoglobin. Low levels of white blood cells can occur from rare haematological illnesses that are caused by copper deficiency in humans so we must include copper water in our routine.

11. Improves functioning of Thyroid Gland

Copper deficiency is said to be the trait in thyroid patients share the most frequently. The thyroid gland's irregularities are balanced by copper, which also gives the thyroid gland the energy it needs to work properly while protecting it from the negative effects of excessive thyroid gland secretion. While it is true that a deficiency in copper results in the malfunction of the thyroid gland, it is also true that an excess of copper results in the hyper- or hypothyroidism of patients.

12. Helps in Healing Wound Faster

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral activities are displayed by copper. Additionally, copper supports skin regrowth and fortifies the immune system, which helps the body repair wounds more quickly.

13. Treats Arthritis and Strengthen Bones

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis benefit greatly from copper's anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, copper strengthens bones, making it an ideal treatment for arthritis.

14. Lowers Body Tempreature

The food we eat turns acidic as it travels through our stomach, producing chemicals that cause the body to heat up. When you drink water from a copper bottle, the water absorbs alkali after being stored for a few hours. This alkaline water assists in balancing the body's acids, cleansing the system, and bringing down body temperature. This is particularly beneficial in the sweltering summer months when the body tends to heat up as a result of the climate.

15. Treats Throat Congestion

In the ancient India, people used to  gargle with water which was kept in a copper  vessel every morning. This is due to the fact that copper has antibacterial qualities, and it was formerly thought that drinking water that has been infused with copper could help to relieve throat congestion.

      How to make Copper water

      Clean the copper utensil so that it reflects it shine

      Fill the utensil with water

      Let it rest for 8-9 hours

      Now the water prepared is known as copper water 

      Every time you fill the utensil you need to leave it for few hours so that copper gets infused in water

      Rules to be followed for drinking Copper Water

      1. We must drink copper water during rainy seasons, people having serious health conditions can drink copper water in any season but most preferable season is rainy season.

      2. After every three months of continuos drink of copper water we should give a break for minimum of 15 days and then continue the process.

      3, There are some food combinations like dissolving lemon juice in copper water or storing milk or curd in copper utensil is forbiden becuase it can lead to serious health issues like vomitting , improper functioning of stomach and many more and landing you to doctor's door step.

      There are many more rules of drinking copper water which I will discuss later on.