Bodybuilding at home - Gym set

Bodybuilding at home is something that can be achieved by most number of people. It has helped a lot of people to feel happy again. This blog is about a kit that is easily available at an affordable price and shall make the bodybuilding process to be worthy.

Bodybuilding at home - Gym set

Bodybuilding at home

Bodybuilding has become a craze among fitness enthusiasts in recent years. The idea of sculpting one's body into a chiseled, muscular masterpiece has captured the imagination of people all over the world. Bodybuilding is a great way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bodybuilding requires a significant amount of dedication and discipline. Building muscle mass takes time and effort, and it can be difficult to maintain the necessary level of commitment over an extended period. Additionally, bodybuilding can be expensive, as it often involves investing in expensive supplements, gym memberships, and specialized equipment. There are so many people who feel that the gym is expensive and out of the limits of their budget to support the habit of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding at home can be a good option for all such people and they will definitely benefit from this.

To make the process of bodybuilding easily accessible at a reasonable price, Amazon has got an amazing Bodybuilding kit from Protoner that can be used for bodybuildg at home. 

Brand Protoner
Colour BLACK
Item Weight 22000 Grams
Material Plastic
Style 20 kg home gym

  • This home gym contains of weight of 20 kgs with 3 rods.
  • It also contains PVC plates2kg x 4 ,  3 kg x 4
  • Weight lifting rods 1 x 3 feet zig zag rod, 2 x dumbbell rods

Price : Rs. 1,099

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This product is also available in  7 more variants :

  1. 8 kg ( 2 kg x 4 ) with 3 rods - Rs. 999
  2. 10 kg ( 2.5 kg x 4 ) with 3 rods - Rs. 1,049
  3. 12 kg ( 3 kg x 4 ) with 3 rods - Rs. 1,025
  4. 20 kg with 3 rods - Rs. 1,149
  5. 20 kg with 4 rods - Rs. 2,199
  6. 30 kg with 4 rods - Rs. 1,849
  7. 50 kg with 4 rods - Rs. 2,849

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Bodybuilding requires the hand to be strong. The hand's grip should be strong. 

This hand gripper from Strillex is the perfect budget-friendly option to strengthen the hand's grip

Colour Grey
Material Polypropylene
Style Dumbell
Tension Level 22 - 88

  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE : STRILLEX hand gripper can adjust resistance easily and fastly with the help of screw dial from (10 - 40kgs) as per requirement.
  • COMFORT AND DURABLE : STRILLEX hand grip made from high quality material and it is made from non slip material to handle comfortly while exercise
  • SUITABLE FOR MEN AND WOMEN : STRILLEX hand grippers easy to carry anywhere with bags or in is light weight hand grip is suitable for men and women of all ages.
  • BENEFIT OF HAND GRIPS : STRILLEX handgrip is used to reduce hand endurance, increase hand strength ,forearm muscularity look impressive and bigger than other men & women.
  • GYM AND HOME USE :It is suitable for gym and home use and easy to carry anywhere with gym bags or in pockets and money guarantee for our customers.

Price : Rs. 125

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