Changes in the Female Body at Puberty

Puberty is a sequence of events for girls. As a teenager begins to grow and struggle many changes happen to them. They start demanding independence from parents, peer relationship becomes very important or they may start building feelings for someone. Some of the events that happens at puberty are development of breasts, appearance of hair in the armpits, widening of hips , growth spurt and onset of menstruation. Biologically, during menstruation, the female body experiences a lot of changes in their bodies. It's the time they become fertile, their breasts become tender and fuller and their physical appearance also changes.

Changes in the Female Body at Puberty

Changes in the Female Body at Puberty 

The female body is subject to several alterations and modifications during different phases of their lives- from puberty to maternity, all of these happenings make a big difference in a woman’s emotional, and physical well-being.  

What is puberty and when does it begin? 

Puberty or adolescence is the period when a child’s body gradually transforms into an adult’s body. It does not happen overnight, rather it takes a few months or even a few years for some people. Usually, puberty in females starts during the age of 9 to 13 and lasts until 18 to 21 in most individuals.  

What changes occur in the female body during puberty? 

During adolescence, there is an overall transformation in both the physical and emotional state of an individual. Other changes that specifically occur only in the female body are as follows- 

• Growth and Development of Breast buds and breasts 

• Increased Growth of Body and Pubic hair 

• The onset of Menstruation 

• Other Changes 

• Widening of Hips 

• Hormonal Transformations and Influences  

• Change in mindset 

• Increased Vaginal Discharge 

• Occurrence of acne and increased sweating 

• Frequent mood swings 

• Increase in height and weight 

• Development of extra fat in buttocks, thighs, and around the stomach.  

Adolescence and mental peace- 

Puberty changes occur to transform you into an adult. You simply need to accept the fact that such transformations are bound to happen, and that it is very natural and common. For some of you, growth in breast sizes, widening of hips, or even being on your first period might make you feel embarrassed or skeptical. Adolescence is not scary, it is exciting as you meet new people and you get to explore yourself. You come to know about what the transition from a child to an adult feels like.