Ola Electric Car

Ola Cabs, an international ride-sharing business with its headquarters in Bangalore, is an Indian corporation. Ola Electric was established in 2017 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANI Technologies, the parent entity of Ola cabs.

Ola Electric Car

Ola Electric Car

OLA, or operational level agreement, is its full name. OLA is a group of contracts that aim to provide one or more services. Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati established Ola in December 2010 with the goal of enabling mobility for a billion people. Large shares in the business are held by a number of venture capitalists, including Softbank. Ola entered its first foreign market, Australia, in January 2018 and debuted in New Zealand in September 2018. Ola launched its UK operations in March 2019. 

OLA Cabs’ Story of Success

With consistent growth over the past two decades, the Indian economy has maintained its position as one of the top ones. Due to this increase, a sizable portion of the rural population has moved to the nation's cities. The requirement for adequate transportation has increased as a result of migration. Long and short-distance travel is both a regular aspect of life in cities. The transportation network appears to be paralyzed due to the steadily growing population. In these circumstances, a novel solution was desperately needed to accommodate the rising traveler population and to make commuters more comfortable. Ola Cabs appeared out of nowhere on the Indian landscape to address this requirement.

The business has advanced to offer services that are greater than the best. It keeps including new features in its software while taking passengers' expectations and requirements into account. Ola forms a relationship with cab owners and drivers to produce a variety of cab services throughout India. By 2015, it had expanded to more than 50 cities thanks to its cutting-edge technology and creative ideas. It continued to operate, showing a growth rate of over 40% and offering more than 200,000 rides every day.

Recent Success Notes for Ola Cabs

  • Mahalakshmi, a Bengaluru-based female Ola outstation driver, saw an advertisement for the firm looking to hire female driver-partners.
  • Ola teams up with the government to create an ecosystem for electric mobility. 

Ola Electric Mobility is a Bangalore-based producer of electric two-wheelers in India. Its production facility is at Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India. Ola founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal stated during a press conference that Ola Electric plans to deliver a variety of electric two-wheelers to electric cars that are priced between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50 lakh. The first electric vehicle from Ola will be able to reach 100 km/h in four seconds and have a range of more than 500 kilometers on a single charge. 

Founded- 2017

Products- S1, S1 Pro


  • Motor vehicle manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle distribution
  • Charging solutions
  • EV batteries

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANI Technologies, the company that owns Ola Cabs, Ola Electric was founded in 2017. The company was founded to transition to widespread electric mobility and minimize Ola's cabs' dependence on gasoline and emissions. Scooter reservations through Ola Electric totaled 500,000 in the first month of service. With the delivery of 100 scooters in Bengaluru and Chennai in December 2021, Ola Electric began shipping its S1 and S1 Pro models, albeit several promised features were not available in the initial deliveries. In order to incorporate and produce StoreDot's XFC (extreme fast charging) battery technologies for future vehicles in India, Ola made a significant multi-million dollar investment in the Israeli company's battery technology business in late March 2022. After a fire broke out in one of their products in Pune on March 26, the business in April recalled a batch of 1441 scooters. The business claimed it was a preventative action and that it will aid in their further investigation. Ola Electric teased the release of its first electric vehicle on June 20, 2022. The vehicle is expected to go on sale in 2023. The CEO of the company stated that this year's August 15 will see the release of more information.

There are many advantages of this great discovery of electric cars-

  1. Affordable and Eco-friendly- The Indian auto industry is making a small but significant move by developing small electric vehicles before introducing electric cars. This environmentally friendly and cost-effective electric vehicle will replace traditional fuels.
  2. Home delivery service- Customers only have to reserve an Ola Electric Scooter online, which will be delivered right to their home. When a reservation is canceled, the company is offering a 100% refund.
  3. Unique designs and features- Everyone will love the design's simplicity and perfection. This indicates that the gender-neutral scooter will absolutely transform your personal style. From ten distinct colors and tints, you can select any variation.
  4. Made in India- All of the parts for the India-made Ola Electric Scooter are readily available on the domestic market. Ola Electric Scooter Future Factory's present production facility is located in Krishnagiri, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

While reading about all these benefits can make you fall head over heels for these vehicles, there are also some drawbacks, just like every coin has two sides.

A few of these cars' drawbacks are- 

  1. Price- Customers may encounter numerous price ranges for the EV given that Ola Electric Scooter Variants range from the most basic to the greatest
  2. Cost of charging- The scooter can travel up to 150 kilometers on a single charge, so you'll need to set aside some time (at least 18 minutes) to charge it to 50%. It can take up to three hours to completely charge it.
  3. Not suitable for long distances- The large cities chosen will almost certainly be metropolises, which implies semi-urban areas might have to wait for a charging station. Consider the distance before taking to the highways since the scooter can only travel up to 150 kilometers.
  4. No service centers- What happens if your EV breaks down in the middle of the road? The issue still has no remedies because the business hasn't thought about how to handle such circumstances.

We can now weigh the advantages and disadvantages of investing in these electric vehicles and make an informed decision. Given that manufacturing is still in its early stages, analysts anticipate that the corporation will add more user-friendly features to address the issues.

FAQ: Ola Electric Car

Q. Who owns Ola electric?

▹ANI Technologies Private Limited and Ola Cabs

Q. What is the Ola electric car price?

▹The OLA Electric Car is expected to be launched in December 2024 in India with an estimated price of Rs 8.00 Lakh

Q. Which electric car has the maximum range?

Mercedes EQS - 485 miles.