“Why Jadhavpur University boy chose Facebook over Amazon with 1.8 cr package?”

It's been the highest package achieved by a student in India this year. Everyone has a dream to work on FAANG companies but only a few lands on these. This boy has received offer letters from Google and Amazon as well but he chose to go straight with this. Pay scale, Work culture would be the barriers for not going with the other two.

“Why Jadhavpur University boy chose Facebook over Amazon with 1.8 cr package?”

Final year student of Btech CSE bagged a package of 1.8 crores LPA on Facebook for the SDE role. Bisakh Mondal is the highest package holder this year from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He got offer letters from Amazon and Google as well but due to the following reasons, he decided to go for Facebook. People who worked there have some personal experiences on that basis they reviewed the company.

Finer base pay. Amazon keeps its base salary at $170k (I believe $180k in the Bay Area). That may sound like a lot to many people, but you can make a lot more than that at Facebook with 8+ years of experience. So unless your plan was to hold Amazon stock for 4+ years, Google and Facebook still give the better deal

Better work culture. Amazon puts definitely a lot of pressure, but that does not mean that work-life balance will be compromised all the time. So Facebook has its pros and cons too in its work culture. People who complete their assignments while meeting deadlines feel no pressure than those who don’t. A decent 9-5 job is considered during this range, then they can have their own time. Everyone could manage work-life balance better.

Superior equity package. Amazon’s stock has been doing very well these past few years, and that’s been a big attractor for prospective employees. But the way the equity is given out basically requires that you stay for at least 3 years, which is a big commitment if it turns out you don’t like the job.

Stronger sign-on bonus. Amazon’s sign-on bonus is comparable to Facebook in most cases, but it’s divided over 2 years, so again, less cash in your pocket up front, and more pressure to stick around for more than a year. Facebook offers some of the best sign-on bonuses in the business, exceeding $100k in many cases.

Improved annual bonus. Amazon does not do yearly cash bonuses, unlike Google or Facebook (average 10–20% of your base pay). They do equity refresh grants, but it’s based on a target dollar amount. If the value of your existing equity has gone up significantly, then you get a smaller refresh grant. Google and Facebook don’t play that game.

More perks. Google and Facebook offer free lunch (and breakfast, and dinner), shuttles, massages, game rooms, lattes, micro kitchens, etc. Amazon offers shuttles and filtered water.

Better work-life balance. Amazon is known for being a higher-stress workplace, where delivering is key to your continued success at the company. At Google and Facebook (especially the former) there’s less pressure to deliver, so for people with families, it’s easier to step away from work and spend time with your family.