A Gift from Heaven

“A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” —Carl Sandburg. The birth of a baby is a magical event. One cannot help but be filled with joy at the birth of a new baby. I know there exists no one who doesn't love a baby. Here's a poem that will definitely remind you of how special babies truly are.

A Gift from Heaven
A gift from Heaven

A gift from Heaven

A precious gift from God above,

Filled with Wonder, blessed with love.

Has little fingers and tiny toes,

Also Mamma's eyes and Pappa's nose

Two tiny hands,

That makes a tight fist.

And a sunny smile,

That can melt even a beast.

Two innocent eyes,

Where a million wonders lay,

And a vibrant laugh,

That can take every boredom away.

What a beautiful creation of God!!! isn't it?

A complete package of joy and a happiness kit !!!