Nothing left to lose-Chapter 4

A book on love, betrayal,romance and every other thing. A real love story.

Nothing left to lose-Chapter 4


"A laugh in the sea of sadness

Is like a drop of sugar syrup

In the ocean of bitterness"

After hearing those words from Ruhi, that Rohan's into someone else, my world came crumbling down. All those dreams and hopes just started vanishing. I felt lost. I tried contacting him, but he blocked me from his phone and every other source. I texted him, but he never replied. Yes, it's not obvious, that he should love me for his entire lifetime, of course, life is all about choices, but at least he could have ended all this shit on a good note.

I waited for a day or two. I texted his girlfriend whose name was Dibya. 

"Dibya, I really need to sort things out, as for only you can clear my head"

After a few minutes or so, she replied. Her replies seemed genuine, nevertheless, she was a good person. She gave me her number, I talked to her and got to know that she and Rohan has been in a relationship for four long months. I mean like what the fuck is going on. Yes, someone can cheat, but for four long months? which meant all these months my love meant nothing to him. She said that she and Rohan met on social media and they started dating, and also, to my surprise she knew everything about me and Rohan. Gosh! Rohan, he's a jerk. He discussed all our relationship problems with her and at last, they came to a conclusion that he should break up with me. When I was in a relationship with Rohan, we used to talk every night, but for a few months, I noticed some changes, but never mind, what's already done cannot be undone. Now, I'm realizing all those phone calls at night were meant for Dibya, that it must have been Dibya that he was talking to, cheating on me. I asked her if she could arrange a call of mine, with Rohan, which seemed fair for me. If this thing has to end, then why not on a good note? I wanted to clear things with Rohan, that why did he do such a thing. Rohan called me. Already a puppet.

I questioned him where did I go wrong? I know I have done a few mistakes but I always chose him at the end of the day. I never did anything unfair to him. But he replied that "You're the worst girlfriend a guy could ever have." It was legit shocking. In spite of giving all of me, now he is saying those things which I can never believe, just to hurt me. You guys might think that this is filmy. But no, this thing happened for real.

After hearing all those shit, I ended the call and never tried contacting Rohan again, I wished him luck and happiness with Dibya. I was feeling restless. I knew I can overcome this thing, but it felt so hard. I was still a kid for all this love thing and didn't know, how to forget someone in days, after sharing such special moments? I started distracting myself, comforting myself, but nothing really worked. I started writing poems, articles, and every other thing that I was passionate about. I made an Instagram page and started sharing all my articles. I didn't know, if whether I write well enough to impress people, but "impressing people" wasn't really my thing. I wrote those articles for me, for my own comfort, and that was the only thing that I could concentrate upon. 

Months passed. Breakup with Rohan was really a nightmare.

On a fine spring evening, a message from a guy named SOUBIR popped up. I didn't actually know him then. He was like any other stranger, any other random guy. He started appreciating all my articles and said that he can really connect with what I write. It felt nice, after all those heartbreaks and trauma that I went through when someone genuinely appreciated you or what you do, really feels nice. I started talking to him. He felt like an honest guy. Not like any other cringe person, who at first texts you and starts flirting the next day.

His nickname was Kev which was an icebreaker. For me, names does really matter and I got attracted to his name. HE pursued his degree from Assam Agricultural University and was currently into a job back then. We started sharing our life stories, he shared his, and I shared mine. We both really connected, like they say a genuine connection. There was that vibe between us, I don't know what was it, but it sort of felt positive, I started having a positive attitude towards life.


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