Nothing Left to Lose - Chapter 2

A book on love, romance, betrayal, and every other thing. A real story.

Nothing  Left to Lose - Chapter 2
Nothing Left to Loose- Chapter 2


You know from what and whom I fear the most?

It is that girl inside me, who at times tries to find answers to some questions and creates trouble inside my head. But she's a kid and I am an adult, so I explain to HER calmy and handle her with care. That kid is a bit impulsive, but I am the calmer one, she's the beautifully flawed me and both of us together make the real me.

You know, Veer always asked me, what gift do I need for my 19th birthday, and my boring reply went something like this 'You just come to my birthday party, that would be enough'. I sound like a typical Assamese girl, don't I?

But not going to lie, inviting him on my birthday was damn risky, as for Rohan and my other friends never really knew about him, my little secret. I felt like my secret will be exposed.

On the 8th of February, I threw a party for all my friends. You know birthday parties have lately been a ritual; all my friends along with Rohan were present. Though Veer and I lost contact, I still kept on checking my phone, what if he texts me a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' along with some sweet emojis, but as I told you, I am not that fortunate enough, but he could have wished me, anyways. Amid the ordeal of surviving without VEER, I thought that it will be better for me and also for my relationship. Then and there, I erased all the pictures of Veer that I had on my phone. Evening approached. Now came the legit birthday surprise, oh boy! I didn't expect Rohan would do this. I noticed every other thing inside that restaurant, it was decorated with balloons, roses, and every other romantic stuff, and that was kind of mischievous, but still, I ignored it. At first, I thought that someone else might have done it but to my surprise, it was Rohan who did all those cute little stuff, isn't that sweet? In front of all my friends, he held my hand and knelt to the ground, and asked me to be his VALENTINE. Gosh, I am mostly a shy person when it comes to proposals, and after Rohan said all these things, my cheeks became red, my body got warm, I had legit goosebumps. It is strange, right? How someone's feelings can affect us so much, makes us feel so lively, so different, so warm. Tears rolled down my eyes. I felt like I might have found my perfect match. Like come-on after all these eight-long months of our relationship, and now after coming this far, I can't have feelings for any other random guy. Can I?

And most importantly I never wanted to hurt Rohan.

Time flew. I was 19, time for all the entrance examinations. I was in my hostel preparing to get admitted into a med school. Exams were approaching and I had to head back home for some official purpose. On the 23rd of February, I asked Rohan to meet me, as I shall be gone by the 26th. Rohan and I were from two different cities. And also I wanted to see him before heading back, as they say, "Kya pata phir kabhi mulakat ho ya na ho?".Just Kidding, nothing of that sort, just a MEET-CUTE.


Guys, I hope you liked it! Stay tuned if you want to know what happens in chapter 3.

It's gonna be interesting!

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