Life Changing Motivational Story by Kanishka Gupta

The story is about two boys and their guru. After reading/listening to the story, you will be able to know how to achieve any goal in life.

This story is 1000 years old when the gurukul system existed. 2 students, Ram, Sham, and one guru, lived in a hut. Both the students had the same skill set. One night, both started arguing about who is the best. Sham asked, "Who is the better among us? Please tell guruji.". The Guruji answered, "I have to look for it in my sastra book, which is kept in the forest where we were studying in the evening." Sham said, "It is completely dark outside. It would be challenging to locate the book and it is also not safe to go out". Ram said, "It is difficult, but we have the lantern with which we can go outside and find the book."

Ram went out and started finding the book. It was completely dark and he could only see up to 1.5 meters and continued finding by taking some steps in the right direction. Finally, after taking many steps, they found the book, returned home, and handed over the book to guruji.

Then guruji said, "I have already tested your knowledge and you are the winner, Ram. Ram, I had already started the evaluation when I told you about the book. You focused on the mission of finding the book and took small steps in the right direction, even though you could not see the path. You took two steps, then again took another two steps, and by taking a few more steps, you finally achieved what you were striving for."


We have goals in our life but at times, we don't know the right path to achieve the goal. We can find it by taking the first step in the right direction. Taking a few steps in the right direction will open some more possibilities, and at last, you will achieve your goal.