Nothing Left To Lose - Chapter 3

A book on love, romance, betrayal, and every other thing. A real story.

Nothing Left To Lose - Chapter 3


They say 'Ishq bahut sukoon deta hein, agar do tarfa ho toh'.

What is this miracle called LOVE?

Which weaves the world in the fabric of happiness and positivity.

An accessible but elusive ocean of thoughts

whose instruments are dimensions of duality.

Being with ROHAN, both my idea and concept of love did change actually. I tell you, I was living my best days, but little did I knew that these sweet little moments of eight months would soon turn into a nightmare.

It was the 23rd of February, 7:30 pm by my watch. I had to get back to the hostel, after spending the entire day with Rohan, or else you know, the typical Indian wardens. We don't live in a US society. Rohan came to drop me, generous, isn't he? Since we were meeting for the last time probably, I didn't want the moment to end and it seemed he didn't want it either. He held my hand and pulled me closer. I was like 'Stop Rohan, what if someone sees?'. I know that moment was kinda emotional, as we never knew when we were going to see each other again. He pulled me closer and landed a kiss on my forehead, and you know, how much a forehead kiss means. I kissed his hands and bid him a GOODBYE. Nevertheless, life must go on with or without him. And I had to do all my packing as I was leaving in the next three days. I asked Rohan to call me as soon as he reaches his hotel room.

After a while, Rohan called me and told me that he got some paperwork in the net cafe, so he will be a bit late. I found it a bit strange as we were people from two different cities, that too, both were students, how come he got the paperwork in my place? However I didn't want to sound rude, so I replied 'Be safe.'

Since I was leaving, my best friend Aahana and I decided to have an ice-cream party the next day. Things were going on butter smooth. But, lately, Rohan seemed a bit off as if there was something that was disturbing him. I asked him many times, but he never told me. A day later, suddenly Rohan called me in the afternoon and told me things that were hard to believe. He didn't want to continue this relationship because his exams were approaching. All he wanted to do was concentrate on his studies and career and not on other stuff. I was like what the fuck was going on when you were into this relationship, "Tab apne future ki nahi padi thi kya tujhe?"

But I never wanted this. For me, it was the thing I wanted, but we can not force anyone to love us, right? So I said "Okay, if this is what you want, then it's okay. But still, we can be friends." Five minutes later he blocked me over social media. He had a picture of his and mine in his Instagram, he removed that too, wtf. Deep-down I knew something was not okay. There was something going on which was not right. I knew most of his friends. Also, I had a good bond with his best friend Ruhi. I called her. But to my surprise, she too didn't know anything. Still, she told me that she'll ask him and let me know the whole scenario. I was feeling helpless once again. It felt like life was throwing curveballs. Though Rohan wanted a breakup, still I hoped that if I will talk to him, things will get even. After an hour or so, Ruhi called me and told the entire thing that Rohan has someone else in his life, and he wants to continue things with her and not with me. So basically, I was being used all these months.

I was fucked up again.


Guys, I hope you liked it! Stay tuned if you want to know what happens in chapter 3.

It's gonna be interesting!

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