A journey to Euphoria

It's Raining!!! And it's not just drops of water. Its music. Its life. Its love. It's infinite. Its tip and tap. It's pitter and pat. It's the best feeling and it's Divine!!! Come with me and celebrate the rain from splashing in puddles to blissful laziness.

A journey to Euphoria
Feel the Rain

A journey to Euphoria

With a cup of coffee, I sat,

Wondering what to write.

Suddenly a thunderbolt stroke,

Gently darkening the daylight.

It started with a single drop,

Rising to two, three, and bountiful.

Thus made me gaze at it,

And feel soulful.

As I watched the raindrops,

Drumming on my housetop.

With every beat of the rain,

I felt my heart pop.

As I watched the raindrops,

Sliding down the window glass.

Chills of ecstasy shook me hard,

With euphoria, I wished my entire day to pass.

Listening to the cuckoo's call,

Through April's first rain.

My aching soul revived,

And all my silly worries turned into vain.