Nothing Left to Lose - Chapter 1

A book on love, romance, betrayal, and every other thing. A real story.

Nothing  Left to Lose - Chapter 1
Nothing Left to Lose- Chapter 1


In the labyrinth of life, we all are chasing the escape of love.

Have you ever been haunted by someone's thoughts who is still alive?

You and I, both know that love is or never was so simple. You and I  are two vagabonds looking for home together.

Turning 18 officially marks the end of childhood, It's the age phase that everyone should remember as special in their lives. People often suffer heartbreaks, find the love of their life, get crushes, and a hell lot. Well, my 18th was not that sweet or simple, it was more like the passage into hell earth.

Cold, cozy winters, ah I love winters. January 18th, the day when he first texted me. A sweet and simple guy with much anger, honestly that guy had me at 'hello'.

But unfortunately, I was in a relationship back then, shit! not that unfortunate though. Not going to lie I was expecting my best days then, until and unless VEER proposed me. Oh wait, I forgot to introduce VEER. Yes, he was the guy from friends book, who texted me. It felt nice, to have two guys by your side who likes you, not gonna lie. Veer and I were friends just, just only, okay. The thing we had between us was turning into something which was more than a friendship, but all these things happened unknowingly. I got to know that he had something for me, maybe a soft corner or so. Once, he asked me if I had someone in my life, but I refused to tell him the legit truth. You guys, I am not a cheater, but I got scared, what if he stops talking.

I was in deep guilt that I am cheating on my boyfriend. I decided to back off, thinking that these emotions or feelings might hurt the person I was with, ROHAN. Rohan, a guy who was adorably honest, but again they say 'Kabhi kabhi ankhon ka dikha hua sach nahi hota hein'.

Though I  stopped talking to Veer and he did too by the way, but I was hurt, it almost felt like a breakup. A part of me was still wondering, what the fuck was hurting me. How come, someone, we have never met, never saw, but their disappearance hurts us so much. I was totally fucked up. But Rohan had no idea what was going on, I never told him about Veer, I mean like what's the point right? I already chose him over Veer.


Guys, I hope this real story caught your attention and you liked it! Stay tuned if you want to know what happens in chapter 2.

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