Nothing left to lose-Chapter 5

A Book on love, betrayal, romance and every other thing. A real love story.

Nothing left to lose-Chapter 5


'I wish I were the tear falling

From your eye;

Touching your cheeks

Soaking up a kiss


Consoling your heart'

After undergoing such a major trauma, I wasn't so sure if I can withstand another heartbreak. Someone once said, when two broken souls come together, magic happens. But, oh boy! my life wasn't less than any magic. Life was throwing lemons at me, and I  couldn't make any lemonade out of it. My life was fucked up, so was I. I had no fucking idea what should I do. I decided to build a wall again, of which Christ was the rock, upon which I build my solid foundation.

I had hard luck in case of entrances, could not make it to a Med school. So I decided to get my admission into Assam Agricultural University. Luckily, I could make it. Huh! hostel life. Made some friends real quick, the aura was positive, everything was going great. I had an old friend too, Prithvi. Then came the time for Central Freshers, and in AAU Freshers was all about choosing a fresher's partner. Prithvi and I had already decided that we will be the fresher's partner for Central freshers. We sat together, we danced, we did all other funny stuff, most of all we did enjoy ourselves a lot. He's a real cute guy. We were great friends, and the best part is that we share the same friend circle. AAU somehow started changing my life, things changed, priorities changed, life happened. It somehow made me realize my worth and that life was made for bigger things.


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